• Our Philosophy

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

The Mission

The first thing we see as our mission is to truly understand the core needs of our customers. To this end, we take a close look at the individual topics of each customer and industry in order to precisely identify the goals and backgrounds of the business in order to be able to identify the respective analysis requirements in a targeted manner. Then we adapt our reporting apps to your individual needs in order to support you as efficiently as possible in achieving your goals. Our ambition as a service provider is to really work for our customers and to grow together with them in the long term.

In order to do justice to our own demands and integrity, it is important for us to find out in dialogue with our customers whether our fundamental ideals of a generally future-oriented and economic thinking can be reconciled with those of the customer. We as DBI are concerned that through our work, society as a community will also benefit directly or indirectly.


Internal Organization

Our internal workflow is based on the competencies and qualifications of each individual. Responsibilities for the achievement of specific goals or sub-goals are allocated accordingly. The person in charge always has the opportunity to get the support and expertise of other team members for implementation. Learning and optimizing this coordination in complex tasks is the responsibility of everyone and is part of our corporate culture.

The idea is therefore based primarily on efficiency and dissociates itself from an immovable working structure. However, the adherence to timelines and the achievement of a constant work progress, as well as the basic assignment of tasks, are controlled centrally in order to always ensure an overview of the general workload and its possible/necessary adaptation. In this way, everyone has the opportunity to integrate themselves optimally into ongoing work processes and strengthen their connection with the company.



On the one hand, of course, we are enthusiastic about our work from a technical point of view, but on the other hand, we simply recognise a need in terms of our range of services that many companies are often unaware of themselves in this form, as digitisation and the associated developments are entering the economy and politics only very slowly.

But the demand is there and we want to serve it, not least in order to realize our vision, to control increasingly complex marketing structures and at the same time to enable responsible and economical action. In addition, targeted optimization of measures in the course of the digital transformation also leads to a more responsible behaviour towards our environment and is therefore also of benefit to the common good, since the most efficient use of required resources always leads logically to energy savings, which benefits the global ecosystem. In order to remain true to this idea and our moral principles, we also continually optimize and automate our own services in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit from our services in the long term with the most efficient processes possible.

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