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    We believe in a networked world with countless possibilities

As a Munich-based startup, we are 100% committed to the topic of “From Big Data to Smart Data”. Our team consists of two analysts, a data scientist, software engineer and a systems engineer. We are convinced that data-driven entrepreneurial activity will be more important than ever for all companies in the course of digital transformation. That’s why we already offer and work on new and smart technologies to fully automate data analysis.

Our solution has a modular structure and can be extended at will with the help of Business Intelligence Apps. Unlike other business intelligence tools, our solution provides turnkey reporting apps that can be easily installed by the customer. This saves a lot of time and money for the otherwise expensive implementation of dashboards. The reporting apps can be developed by us or by our development partners and offered via a common online marketplace.

In addition to the visualization of data, we are also working on solutions that enable joint analysis of reports and data in a team. With our collaborative business intelligence solution, companies and teams can share knowledge from data analysis.

The Founders

“Together we are pioneers for the networked company of tomorrow.”

David Chang


David leads the Product Development and Management functions. He is responsible for product marketing and data analytics services.

Daniel Janz


Daniel leads the Backend Development, Infrastructure, and DevOps functions. He is responsible for the core products and features.

Our Startup History

The company was founded in 2014 and has since developed a business intelligence cloud platform for SMEs. We are proud to have launched an executable first software version on the market within a few years and without any investor completely independent.

Software Release 1.0

After almost 2 years of development time, we have finally completed our first development phase.
Software version of ABIS was launched on the market. Since then, develop
new features and apps for our platform.



ABIS Core Backend Development

Together with our first pilot customers, we have developed within the framework of our
of 1.5 years with only one backend developer and freelancer
laid the foundation for our Business Intelligence Cloud platform.



Software Prototyping 

The company’s founder David developed from the service business
Data analysis consulting products offered to customers as a standard solution.
The products served as a basis for the development of our current software ABIS.




Company Foundation

The journey began in May 2014 and the company was founded from a project with a large DAX corporation.
The founder of the company, David, was at that time a marketing consultant.
different companies from the renewable energy sectors,
Software and e-commerce in the field of digitization and big data.


ABIS is a collaborative Data Analytics Cloud Platform
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